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Sherbet Contest; You Can Win Prizes!


Are you strapped for cash, but you want to do more to support our project? Have you been coveting our fancy limited edition prints, but can’t pick just one?

Good, because I’m gonna tell you how to win a full set

I’ve put away one of each of the prints we are offering. $160 worth of rare, limited prints by fantastic artists such as Joshua Mathus, Alice Meichi Li, Amy Reeder, Leila Del Duca, Delia Gable, Mike Rooth, Rob Moran, Hyeondo Park and Shaky Kane. 

Above: One of our Sherbet prints, by Rob Moran.   

If that’s not enough, we’ll throw in OTHER Sherbet goodies. The ’Postal Bastard’postcard… one of the last remaining unsold copies of both the 2011 Halloween Special and the 2012 Summer Special… a sketch of Sherbet (by me) and whatever else we can think of that fits. 

All you have to do is help us spread the word about the Sherbet Kickstarter, share this link; and tell us how you did it. It’s simple; if you tweet about us, make a screengrab. If you make a facebook update, screengrab it. Blog entry? Screengrab it. Every time you share the link; screengrab it. Show us how many people retweeted, shared, or reblogged the link from you. 

 If you can be creative about it, even better. You want to draw your own Sherbet fan-art and link to the Kickstarter? Great. You want to cosplay Sherbet and share the link with your photos? Great. Take screen-grabs, take photos, show us how you were creative. 

Submit this information to me at any point before September 13th (which is three days after the end date of the Kickstarter) and, assuming we have been funded, Joshua Mathus, Alice Meichi Li and I will judge entries based on how far you spread the word and how creative you were about doing it. 

You can email me at 

 (And there will be prizes for runners-up.) 


 Above: This Shaky Kane print is saying; ‘win me’! Does anyone else think that talking paper is weird? 

Why Do I Write/Read Counterculture Comics?


Counterculture comic creators are spiders lurking in the darkest corners of the industry. Sure, we’re little, but I like to think everyone is scared of us. Maybe that makes me a spider with delusions of grandeur, or at least one with an altered perception of reality, like those mescaline spiders…